We Lead with expertise

“We believe that a key to providing a good

health service is to have top quality diagnostic

tools. Our mission is to make these tools

available worldwide.”​

- Payam Eskandari (M.D.)​

Who are we?​

- Ultrasound experts​

NORD Healthcare Aps is a part of the Nordic Data Group and a member of LSI (Life Science Innovation) of North Denmark. With Morten Lindblad as the CEO of Nordic Data Group, it totally consists of 10 companies and 100 employees. Nordic Data Group covers businesses involving Medical Equipment, Medical Analysis, Data Analysis, Virtual reality, IT, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Buildings, Robotic Technologies and Public procurement. Our target is to source end users in the medical field all over the world. Through top quality service we support our clients before and after their buy of ultrasound units. The relation between us and our customers is the foundation of our business. Service and quality are our top priorities. 

We are located in Denmark, Nibe, and have international collaboration partners and customers.​

Extending lifetime of
ultrasound scanners​

Rapid innovation cycles in medical technology often makes it necessary to replace the medical equipment before it reaches its economic end of life. 

Early replacement of the components that are up to date with the technological development, extends the lifetime of the ultrasound scanners as it provides not only the opportunity of reducing the costs, but also avoiding electrical and electronic waste.

We believe that buying a refurbished ultrasound helps to reduce the carbon footprint and it enlarges the functional and economic life of medical equipment.​

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