4-2​Uroscan is a 4D Wireless Automatic urology Ultrasound Scanner unit beside wireless 2D Convex and 2D Linear scaning unit. It is widely used in urology clinics, urology wards, rehabilitation and operation rooms.

Except usage as a normal gray scale urology ultrasound scanner, Uroscan is used to non-invasive visualize, monitor and measure urine volume in the bladder, to determine whether to urinate and the suitable urinary output, and also can used to prevent inappropriate insertion of the Catheter into the bladder.

The Uroscan is the new generation ultrasonography scanner with outstanding wireless features.

In contrast to the traditional ultrasound scanners with a cable connecting the probe to the main unit, no cable appears at the end of the probes.

Good NEWS you will not have the troubles caused by traditional cables of probes! 

All probes have wireless charger. 

Unit runs 2 probes simultaneously. No need to switch between probes for scanning with different probes.

Also Freeze key is available on probes.

There is no physical traditional keyboard, Alphabetic keys and measurements are available by touch on monitor. Also you can choose to have a fully sterilable laser alphabetic keyboard on the unit as an option.

As unit has 2 to 3 wireless chargers you have this opportunity to charge the probes easily during interval periods between patients if needed to work with unit continuously for a long period.

Also you can use main stand of unit without power and based on internal battery for few hours too.

Unit is very user friendly and perfect for Urology wards, Urology clinics, Interventional procedures and emergency rooms, ICU wards and nerve medicine, child section, healing section

The probe of the Scanner is highly integrated with ultrasound image processing, power management and a wireless signal provider to be connected by the main unit.

Enjoy your days of working without troubles of cables.


-Scan mood: B, BM , Automatic 4D scan

-Gray scale: 256 levels

-Scanned image display frame: 10 frames/seconds

-Case Storage: 64(32 GIG x2)

-Automatic 4D volume measuring of bladder.

-Automatic 4D volume measuring range: 10ml – 2000ml

-Automatic volume measurement inaccuracies: <5%

-Automatic volume scan and process <2 seconds

-Compatible with Wireless standard printer.

-Stand unit and probes Built-in battery

-Wireless Chargers for probes.

-Ergonomic beautiful Danish Design shape.

-Cosmetic LED illumination.

-Wireless probes (4 Different models available)

-Metal Biopsy guides are available for all 2D probe models.

-Dual 12 inches monitors.

-No need of probe switch for scanning with different probes.(Unit runs 2 probes simultaneously)

More advanced algorithm, more powerful bladder wall recognition technology(High recognition rate for the bladder wall with air), more accurate contour technology, higher accuracy of the probe makes scanning results more accurate.

New algorithm, the Automatic 4D bladder measurement results are not subject to the bladder shape and size. No need to select Gender, Age group and no need to consider special cases such as the effect of hysterectomy on the measurement results. Good compatibility for different bladders, no Substantial error when measuring small volume or special shape bladders, easier to operate and use.

High precision rotary encoder, precise positioning, never need to calibration.

Probe models:

NUS: 4D Automatic convex probe 3.5 Mhz

NWL3.5C: 2D Convex probe 3.5 Mhz

NWL7.5L: 2D Linear probe 7.5 Mhz

NWL10L: 2D Linear probe 10 Mhz

Metal Biopsy guides are available for all models of 2D probes as an option.



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