personal consultancy

We offer you personal guidance towards the most profitable purchase. It is important for us, that you acquire the ultrasound machine fitting your requirements and point of use.

hotline service

Our hotline service is always available. When acquiring an ultrasound machine from us we are able to guide you with any unexpected issues regarding technical setup, product usage and more.

on arrival warranty

All refurbished units have an on arrival parts warranty included. With this warranty, we guarantee a fully functional ultrasound machine delivered to your clinic.

Optional warranty: 1, 3 or 6 months

​We offer service and repairs for maintenance of all units. This warranty is optional and

includes full personal support and repair of your acquired ultrasound system available

for 1, 3 or 6 months after product shipment.

Please contact us for more information.

​Training courses

Based on our specialty and our links with Scandinavian universities, industries, hospitals and

clinics. We offer a unique range of training programs focused on development of leadership

and personal skills of educated specialists.

We run management training courses all over the world. Also specialist physicians from all

over the world are most welcome to take our workshop courses in Denmark.

Please contact us to ask about upcoming courses.


What to consider when buying an ultrasound machine

Before acquiring an ultrasound machine, there are several points the customer should consider:

1. Budget, requirements and depreciation

2. Used vs. refurbished ultrasound machine

When acquiring your ultrasound machine, it is of the highest priority to get the scanner fitting your requirements for your target of use, whilst keeping the expenses within your budget. If your target of use is advanced clinical procedures, a specific high-end ultrasound machine would be most suitable, however, these machines come with an extensible price tag. An option is to acquire a refurbished ultrasound machine, with which you will achieve a higher value for money. When choosing a refurbished ultrasound machine you will save between 30 and 70% on your ultrasound machine compared to a buying from new. Moreover, a refurbished ultrasound machine will be less affected by depreciation. When purchasing a brand-new ultrasound machine at the highest price, after three years of operation, this machine can depreciate with up to 50% when selling it. On the other hand, when purchasing a refurbished ultrasound machine of a popular brand and model, this model will be less affected by depreciation.

On the market for pre-owned ultrasound machines, the customer will find both used machines and refurbished machines. Sometimes, it might be difficult to distinguish between those two product types, as the definition is not always clear. The most important difference between a used (sometimes called preowned) and the refurbished ultrasound machine is a question of whether or not extra product care and maintenance work have been conducted after purchase from the previous owner. This means, that a customer of a refurbished ultrasound machine will receive a machine, which has been cleared, cleaned serviced and refurbished internally and externally before resale. Thus, the quality of a refurbished ultrasound machine is significantly improved compared to a used machine.

At NORD Healthcare, your refurbished ultrasound machine will be of the quality of a near new, equivalent machine. We always make sure you get the highest value for money and acquire the exact machine covering your requirements for the target of use. Please contact us for more information.​

Feedback from costumers​

Dr. Alessandro, Italy

“I was recommended to buy from NORD Healthcare, because there

was a good variety of products and the quality of them. Our purchasing

experience with NORD Healthcare was fast and effective and I was

provided with an excellent aftermarket support. Dr. Eskandari was

professional all the way.”

Dr. Maxim, Bulgaria

“We bought two ultrasound scanners from NORD Healthcare,

because their site looked reliable and it is a Danish company.

The professional communication with Dr. Eskandari was crucial

for the decision to buy from NORD Healthcare.”

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